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About the Agricultural expert and extension service

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Agricultural expert and extension service in Serbia comprises 21 expert service in the central part of Serbia, 12 in the AP Vojvodina and 1 in AP Kosovo and Metohija.

Most of the services was established by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management, which also funds the work of the services.

Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management of Republic of Serbia, in 2010, encourages work of the Agricultural expert service in conducting professional training and extension operations in agriculture, which are related to:

  1. extension activities in order to raise the general knowledge of agricultural producers in the application of appropriate technology for growing plants and animals, production management, standards and regulations of the EU, on the selected and other agricultural farms;

  2. improvement of knowledge of agricultural producers by providing recommendations and expert advices, organizing lectures, seminars, workshops and issuing professional publications, and other forms of public information on new achievements and legal regulations in the field of agriculture;

  3. carrying out demonstration experiments in plant and animal production in order to introduce new assortment and breed composition;

  4. informing the farmers on the measures of agricultural policy and support of agricultural producers in exercising certain rights in the field of agriculture;

  5. the collection of parameters and promoting rural development and rural tourism;

  6. assistance in the establishment and operation ofcooperatives, associations and community groups in rural areas;

  7. informing farmers about sustainable agricultural production and environmental protection;

  8. data collection and dissemination for the market information system in agriculture of the Republic of Serbia;

  9. monitoring and reporting on seasonal agricultural work;

  10. forecast and reporting activities.





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