Institute for science application in agriculture

Institute for the Application of Science in Agriculture

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Institute for the Application of Science in Agriculture, Belgrade, is the bearer and implementer of several projects of the Ministry for Agriculture, which have strategic importance for the improvement of the total agricultural production in the Republic of Serbia


Project: Implementation of expert advisory services in agriculture.

Institute for the Application of Science in Agriculture coordinates and controls activities of 21 Agricultural extension services in the central part of the republic and 1 Agricultural extension service in Kosovo. Institute for the Application of Science in Agriculture represents a link between the Ministry of Agriculture and extension services. It also actively participates in the implementation of the strategy for applied research and extension in agriculture.

During the decades of work, the role of the Institute in promoting extension was to:


1. Create one-year and multi-year programs of extension service, in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture

2. Provide education-training of extension advisors in cooperation with domestic and foreign research institutions and experts

3. Publish professional publications and other advisory material for extension advisors and other interested users

4. Specialists of the Institute for Science Application in Agriculture, as appropriate, provide support to extension services on the registered, selected and other farms, and also in educational activities and cooperation with the media

5. Perform analyses for more efficient economic management of agricultural holdings in order to increase the profitability of certain lines of production, competition in the market, in line with EU requirements

6. Initiate and assist in the formation of producer associations and conduct training for the establishment of new associations

7. Provide information about the market, primarily through public media, but also through agriculture stations, or directly to users subscribed via fax or internet

8. Translate data from the written to electronic form, for more effective dissemination of information through the portal (

9. Conduct monitoring and evaluation, and coordinate the work of extension services, and

10. Submit reports to the Ministry of Agriculture.

Project: Monitoring and reporting on seasonal work in agriculture

Since the 90s of last century, the Ministry of Agriculture has entrusted the Institute the role of coordination and control of monitoring and reporting on seasonal agricultural work in plant production. In collaboration with 34 extension services, the implementation of tasks is monitored, as well as problems of agricultural producers, on which reports are submitted to the Ministry of Agriculture.

Project: Collecting and dissemination data for Agricultural market information system of Serbia

Since 2004, the Institute is involved in the project of Agriculture Market Information System of Serbia (STIPS-Serbian abbreviation). The project was launched in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management of the Republic of Serbia and the U.S. Ministry of Agriculture. Beside the Institute, which is the project coordinator, experts of the Agricultural Professional Service are also included in this project. Eighteen Agricultural Professional Services (Agricultural Stations) are directly engaged in data collection, while the dissemination of the data is performed by all 34 services. The aim of the Project is to report on the offer, demand and price trends of the dominant fruit, vegetables, livestock, grain and feed in Serbia. The Project includes following up 5 wholesale and 18 green markets, 15 slaughterhouses, 18 silos and other retail stores that sell grain and feed. Today, in the Department for Extension there are 13 experts in all areas of agricultural production.


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