Jæren Produktutvikling

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Development of the Norwegian cooperative model in the Republic of Serbia

Jæren Produktutvikling was founded in 1992 by the several municipalities in the area of Jæren, as the inter-municipal organization headquartered in Bryne in Rogaland, Norway. In Norway Jæren Produktutvikling receives ideas about production and contribute to their implementation by advising, and monitoring the implementation, and also provides assistance in developing the business plan, investment and business budgets for those who want to start their own business. In 1995 Jæren Produktutvikling was contacted by refugees from Bosnia and Herzegovina in Norway, which launched support initiative for the reconstruction of agriculture in Bosnia and Herzegovina. One of the ideas was organizing farmers' cooperatives, and also the development of marketing and sales of agricultural products. Later, similar work started in Croatia and Serbia. Jaren Produktutvikling applies its model for the establishment of cooperatives, which should be more successful in achieving results of the lasting value to farmers and rural communities. Along with the contribution to the development of agriculture by application of the new methods in plant and livestock production, this model provides creating new jobs and greater food production. Jæren Produktutvikling model is based on the establishment/reconstruction of cooperatives based on the Western European principles, where farmers are both independent producers, and joint owners of the cooperative.

Activities and the process of transferring knowledge and experience of cooperative models to the national level

In cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture of Serbia, Jaeren Produktutvikling Foundation has launched activities to spread the experience of Norwegian cooperative model to the wider area of the Republic of Serbia. The project of transferring knowledge to the national level, included representatives of 34 agricultural institutes and stations from Serbia, cooperatives which are project holders, as well as the representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture. The seminar on co-operative model was held in Novi Sad, where the workshop participants were introduced to the principles and basics of cooperative functioning of the Norwegian model. A presentation of all the cooperatives that participate in the Project of the JP and a visit to cooperatives in Vojvodina were also organized. After that, the trip to Norway was organized, which included the program of introduction to Norway’s agriculture and functioning of the cooperative model in practice. Immediately after that, participants were invited to a joint seminar of all 29 cooperatives from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Croatia, that participate in the Project of JP, where they had the opportunity to learn from the experiences of cooperatives, which in practice implement cooperative model of Western European agriculture. In the second phase, the development of written materials and a film about Norwegian agriculture is planned, which would be used as a guide for the transfer of gained knowledge. In order to achieve better transfer of knowledge, organizing workshops and connecting with Jaeren Research Center for Agriculture, is also planned. The goal is to inform and introduce a large number of farmers in Serbia to the model of cooperative organization. The Institute for Science Application in Agriculture, Belgrade, is also An important participant of this project and you can get further information in the news about the project.

You can also get more information about the individual activities of the Jaeren Produktutvikling from the brochure.



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